February 16th, 2015

Happy Presidents Day

Happy Birthday, Washington and Lincoln


It was a bit blustery outside but I got up early on this Presidents Day to enjoy the morning. The pre-dawn sky was a lovely contrast to the lights of the city below. Even the waning moon showed up for a portrait.

I set the camera on a tripod on top of a hill to face the Wasatch Front on the east side of the valley. The wind was a bit cold so when my fingers started getting numb I walked down the hill to sit in the car for a few minutes to warm up.  When I brought the photos home I noticed that despite using a tripod the lights in the city were a little motion blurred in some of the photos. I figure it was probably the wind, or maybe I should have locked the mirror up to reduce vibration. I used a 2 second timer to release the shutter but maybe that wasn’t enough. But this particular photo turned out pretty well. The shutter speed was 2.5 seconds, so you can see the streaking lights of a few cars in the foreground.



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