March 28th, 2015

Golden fields

Near Copperton

I’ve been sick a good portion of this week and stuck in the house in bed with a nasty virus that’s been making it’s way around our family. We’re trying to keep Courtney from catching it since today is the day for the state Winder Guard championships. Copper Hills is giving me their “video pass” so I can make videos of the the prelims and finals for the Jr. and Sr. guards. I’m feeling a bit better today so hopefully I’ll be able to stick it out the whole time. I expect a long day from about 11 am to 9 or 10 pm. Go Grizzlies! I wish both teams the best of luck.

But while I’ve been sick inside it has been beautiful outside. Last Saturday I got up for the sunrise and captured this image of the farmland outside of Copperton. I love the views to the west and southwest here when the sun is just barely above the mountains to the east. The stubble fields really stand out against the mine, mountain and skies in the background. It is all very tranquil.

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