February 8th, 2016

The year of 50

It begins. Our good friend and neighbor Darin Furnell just turned 50. He’s the first.

Darin’s family determined they’d throw him a surprise birthday party to celebrate his 50th special day. The people shown in the photo above comprise about a third of the friends that showed up to wish Darin well. Banners, black balloons and old photos of Darin as a kid decorated the walls. It was fun to see the look on Darin’s face when he walked in the door and everyone shouted, “Surprise!”

If it were you turning 50, would you want a big party?

1 comment to The year of 50

  • Linda Burton Redmon

    I will turn 50 in about a year and a half. I do not want a big party. It might be a big milestone to everyone, but I would just like to celebrate it like it was any other birthday. P.S. I found your blog because I am looking for information about my ancestors.

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